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Brad DeLong

Distinguished from the Macroblog at and from twitter at @delong...
Oct 5 '12
"Greg Sargent: By launching into a full blown angry panic about improving jobs numbers, they only draw attention to, and reinforce, the idea that the economy is, in fact, improving — and, worse, that the prospect of economic improvement is terrible news for Romney’s presidential prospects. Here is Romney policy director Lanhee Chen… finding his efforts cluttered up by his questioner’s insistence that he endorse unemployment trutherism…. This is the latest manifestation of what Jonathan Bernstein has called the closed conservative information feedback loop. There were the poll truthers, who told us that any Obama lead simply must be the result a liberal media conspiracy to rig all the polls to create a false sense of an inevitable Obama victory. Only Rasmussen and Gallup are telling the truth. Oh, wait — Gallup shows Obama ahead now. So those numbers can’t possibly be true, either. Then there was the release of the Drudge race-baiting tape of six-year-old Obama comments…. This latest — unemployment trutherism — strikes me as having the potential to be a bit more damaging to Romney. It’s very likely that these claims are now going to break through to the nightly news, drawing still more attention to the dropping unemployment rate."